Precision Craftmanship

The PXK system in use.
Audio component racks fundamentally shape the quality of the signal that comes out of the loudspeakers. A good rack will make music sound more “realistic” as vibration from the loudspeakers, the components and the rack disappear, revealing the inner detail of the music.
Waveform graphical representation of sound vibrations
Vibration is everywhere in the listening room. The moment loudspeakers produce sound, the sound creates vibration in the floor and the walls and ceiling as well as in the audio components themselves (loudspeakers, turntables, etc.). This vibration degrades the performance of the audio components’ reproduction of music by interfering with the intended flow of sound from one component to another.
Aluminum being machined to exact standards at the C.M.S. production facility.
With Critical Mass Systems rack systems, vibration passes into acoustically neutral, high-purity uniform metals, including specific certified aluminum, titanium, and tungsten carbide alloys to ensure even energy transfer throughout the rack architecture and transferring vibration into the filter systems so your component can retain the “sound” that was intended.
Black Saphhire filter (shelf).
Constructed from proprietary internal vibration materials, our unique patented Dual Zone Damping System helps the filters manage vibration so that the signal processed by the electronics and analog devices sounds life-like and real when it the comes out of the loudspeakers. The filters and rack architecture operate together to mitigate vibration in the floor, the rack, the shelf and the component at the same time. The filter system works at its optimal level of performance with both very light and very heavy components without any adjustment to improve the sound of both digital and analog sound.
A C.M.S. craftman hand-finishing a component.

C.M.S. uses state-of-the-art equipment, like this laminator, to produce our products.
Critical Mass Systems utilizes the best modern machines and tools combined with precisiom craftmanship to procudce an amazing product. Our systems allow your component can retain the “sound” that was intended, revealing the inner detail of the music. - 630.640. 3814-